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ALP Landing Page for: HiSET MATH

Instructor:  Mary Jones

Meeting Times:

Monday 6:15 pm-8:45 pm

Tuesday 6:15 pm-8:45 pm

Wednesday 6:15 pm-8:45 pm

Thursday 6:15 pm-8:45 pm

Office Hours: By appointment

Phone: 417-413-4609





Class Notes:  HiSET is a class to get ready for taking the high school equivalency test.

Course Syllabus:



Weeks 1 – 4 (Unit 1)

Addition and Subtraction (Week 1)

Multiplication and Division (Week 2)

Multiplication Tables Review (Week 2)

Decimal Place Value (Week 3)

Rounding (Week 3)

Review/Word and HiSET Problems/Unit 1 Test (Week 4)

Unit Outcome: Making sure that basic math skills are good


Weeks 5 – 9 (Unit 2)

Fractions/Reducing Fractions (Week 5 and 6)

Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions (Week 7)

Multiply and Dividing Fractions (Week 8)

Review/Word and HiSET Problems/Unit 2 Test (Week 9)

Unit Outcome: Good understanding of fractions


Weeks 10 – 14 (Unit 3)

Converting Fractions to Decimals/Converting Decimals to Fractions/Decimals to Percent (Week 10)

Finding Part/Finding Whole (Week 11)

Box Method (Week 12)

Percent Change (Week 13)

Review/Word and HiSET Problems/Unit 3 Test (Week 14)

Unit Outcome: Learning Percents



Weeks 15 – 18 (Unit 4)

Tables (Week 15)

Bar and Line Graphs (Week 16)

Circle Graph (Week 17)

Review/Word and HiSET Problems/Unit 4 Test (Week 18)

Unit Outcome: Knowing graphs and charts for HiSET testing



Weeks 19 – 22 (Unit 5)

Lines/Angles/Triangles (Week 19)

Pythagorean theorem(Weeks 20)

Perimeter/Area Circle, Square, and Triangle (Weeks 21)

Word and HiSET Problems/Review/Unit test 5 (Week 22)

Unit Outcome: Basic geometry knowledge and definitions



Weeks 23 – 28 (Unit 6)

Exponent and Square Roots (Weeks 23)

Scientific Notation (Week 24)

Inequalities (Week 25)

Coefficient and variables/Distributive Property (Week 26)

Order of Operations (Week 27)

Solving One-Step Equations (Week 28 and 29)

Review/Word and HiSET Problems/Unit Test (Weeks 30)

Unit Outcome: To know Algebra in order to work word problems



Weeks 29 – 31 (Unit 7)

Probability and Word Problems (Week 29 and 30)

Review/Word and HiSET Problems/Unit Test (Week 31)

Unit Outcome: To know probability and be able to work word problems


Week 32-35 (Unit 8)

Word Problems

Unit Outcome: Know how to use steps to make word problems like plug-in formula


Week 35–40 (Unit 9)

Word Problems

Review of Percent, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and HiSET Questions

Unit Outcome: Basic review to get ready for HiSET Math test

Course Rubric:

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