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Certified Nursing Assistant Certification for English Language Learners

The CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant Certification for English Language Learners) is a 16-week, intensive program where learners are actively pursuing CNA and CPR credentials while improving their English language proficiency. The program includes 144 hours of contextualized English language instruction—including 1 hour a week of contextualized, basic mathematics for ELLs-- and 84 hours of clinical/healthcare site instruction. 

To be considered for the CNA program, learners must demonstrate sustained, consistent commitment to completing academic requirements and must have at least an intermediate level of English, reading, and writing proficiency. All learners in the program must submit to and pass a background check, have legal employment eligibility, show proof of a recent physical, have all state-required vaccinations, and have a valid form of photographic identification (state or United States-issued). 

At the end of the 16 weeks, and after passing the mandated certification exam, learners are given the opportunity to immediately begin working as CNAs with our partners.

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